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Title Solitaire
Setter Xanthippe
Series The Listener
Number 3965
Date 19/01/2008
Grid There are two grids: the first 77 barred grid with 180 symmetry, the second, in the form of a solitaire board with thirty-three squares. There is a space to be completed under the grid captioned WORD.
Preamble You are invited to a game of Solitaire where the aim is to finish with a single peg in the centre of the grid, having removed pegs by making horizontal or vertical jumps over them. "Pegs" in the cells of this Solitaire game are either a letter or pair of letters, and with the exception of two pegs, all pegs are different. The "Key" grid provides instruction on what moves to make. Clues to this grid are given in normal clue order, across then down, and cells can again contain either single, or pairs of, letters. Cell numbering indicates which moves to make. Eg, if the cell numbered 1 in the Key grid contains an "A" then the first jump in the Solitaire grid should be one that "removes" an "A", the second jump should remove the peg indicated by the cell numbered 2 etc. On six occasions there are both horizontal (H) and vertical (V) jumps that could remove the indicated peg; in removal order these jumps must be V, H, H, H, V and V. The final four jumps, not indicated by the Key grid, are to be deduced. These removed pegs and the final peg yield a thematic word that must be written above the final Solitaire grid, which must now show only the central letter. This grid, with its thematic word, and the completed Key grid together form the required submission. Chambers Dictionary (2003) is the primary reference.
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