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Title Girl
Setter Xanthippe
Series The Listener
Number 4112
Date 13/11/2010
Grid 1014 carte blanche grid apart from two squares, one containing 1, the other 2. There is a space to be completed under the grid captioned PHRASE.
Preamble Clues are given in normal order of entry. Bars must be marked, the resulting grid being asymmetric. Each clue contains an extra word. The initial or fourth letters of these words, in clue order, give a set of instructions. Appropriate interpretation of these instructions, for which hints are supplied (including two grid numbers as guides), should enable solvers to extract a four-word phrase (16 letters) that must be written beneath the grid. Letters from the extra words not used in the set of instructions, in clue order, give a thematic definition. The Chambers Dictionary (2008) is the primary reference.
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