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Title Number Plates
Setter Xanthippe
Series The Listener
Number 4177
Numerical puzzle
Date 18/02/2012
Grid 712 barred grid with mirror symmetry about the horizontal axis. The rows are labelled 1 to 12.
Preamble Each row consists of two or three numbers, not overlapping, for which the clues are given in order. In the clues, ^ means "to the power of", SQRT means "square root of", SD means "sum of digits of the entry" and N stands for some integer. No entry clued directly or mentioned in another clue begins with zero.
After the grid is filled with numbers, the first two and last three digits in each row must be replaced by letters to form number plates; the choices for each digit are: 0 ALW, 1 CMX, 2 DNY, 3 EOZ, 4 FP, 5 GR, 6 HS, 7 IT, 8 JU, 9 KV. The last three letters of each plate form words whose definitions are: anything, bird, cool, cross, eye, fresh, john, join, leg, music (African), sick, vintage. The 38 two-letter entries (12 across, 26 down) are of a kind and all distinct. Solvers must resolve an ambiguity so that, if the two-digit numbers in each plate were to be similarly converted to letters, the grid would be thematically complete. The Chambers Dictionary (2011) is the primary reference.
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