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Title Solitaire II
Setter Xanthippe
Series The Listener
Number 4321
Date 22/11/2014
Grid The grid is in the form of a solitaire board with thirty-three squares. There are three spaces to be completed under the grid captioned Word 1, Word 2, Word 3.
Preamble All grid entries are distinct hexadecimal values in the range 100 to FFE, and no entry has all three digits the same (a digit being any of 0-9 or A-F). The third and fifth columns and rows each contain three overlapping entries. Each property clue lists all the entries that conform to that particular property; where the property includes a number, the number is in hexadecimal. Having deduced all entries, solvers must play out a game of Solitaire. Each move consists of jumping one peg (cell entry) over an adjacent peg (horizontally or vertically) into an empty cell, with the jumped peg being removed. The game ends with a single peg in the originally empty central cell. When playing this particular game solvers must make jumps so that:
(a) In the first move, the jumping peg and removed peg have the same value.
(b) The next 15 removed pegs count down from F to 1 (ie, F, E, , 2, 1). The jumper that removes the 2 peg must also be used to remove the 1 peg.
(c) The remaining 15 pegs removed in sequence, followed by the final peg left in the central cell, spell out three thematic words. The first word has 9 letters, the first three of which can be jumped by the same peg. The lengths of the other two words are 3 and 4, with the order to be deduced. For the purpose of spelling the words, 0 and 1 represent the letters O and I respectively.
Solvers must submit the filled grid as it appears before the game is played, and the three thematic words in the order in which they are encountered in the game. While tackling part one of the puzzle (filling the grid) solvers will need to pay attention to the removal instructions in part two (the game of Solitaire). The Chambers Dictionary (2011) is the primary reference.
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Acknowledgements Preamble and solution notes © 2020 The Times. Reproduced with permission.
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