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Title Golf…
Setter Xanthippe
Series The Listener
Number 4369
Date 24/10/2015
Grid 12×13 barred grid with 180° symmetry. There are only two clue numbers. There is a space to be completed under the grid captioned ————— won —— & ——.
Preamble Xanthippe invites you to a round of matchplay golf. Each of the 18 holes runs horizontally or vertically with no doglegs. The starts of holes 1 and 10 are given but the positions of the rest must be deduced, each one starting at a cell adjacent (including diagonally) to the end of the previous hole; numbers need not be added. Each Hole clue contains an extra word that must be removed to leave only the definition and one or more words containing a contiguous jumble of the answer. The extra word contributes to a thematic phrase and its length gives the number of shots taken by the player who has the honour (ie, is first to play); the length of the answer is the combined number of shots for both players. Every Hole answer must be treated in the same way, to make the entry more representative of the course. You have the honour at the first hole and the honour changes hands only when the second player wins a hole (if players take the same number of shots, the hole is halved and the first player retains the honour). Course clues are given in conventional order of entry. You must complete the result below the grid with the winner (Xanthippe or Solver) and the score at the deciding point: for example, if the setter is four holes up with three holes left to play then the result is "Xanthippe won 4 & 3". The Chambers Dictionary (2014) is the primary reference.
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