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Title Joiners
Setter The Tall'n
Series The Listener
Number 3752
Date 13/12/2003
Grid 1414 barred grid with 180 symmetry.
Preamble We joined a new era with the first fifty-four. There are nine further thematic "firsts", one of which precedes this era. Thematic clues contain one extra word, which is a "joiner", ie, it combines with the clue answer (non-thematic) to form the grid entry. All ten entries are made in one of two appropriate ways; two of them are generated from a single answer. Spell out must highlight the original "joiners" (three words) in the completed grid.
Solution Notes
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On 17 December 1903, the names to be highlighted in the grid, Wilbur and Orville Wright (Wright=Joiner), began a new era of "powered flight". Nine of the other ten thematic elements are pioneers of such flight, and are to be entered either vertically upwards or horizontally then diagonally upwards, depending on there particular method of travel.
Keywords17 December 1903 17/12/1903 Wilbur Orville Wright powered flight
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