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Title Aptly Altering 13
Setter The Tall'n
Series Magpie
Number Issue 21, no. 2
Date Aug 2004
Magpie Axiom: Genius - Perspiration + Inspiration (Edison)
Grid 1414 unbarred grid.
Preamble Many entries overlap. Clues to pairs of overlapping entries give both definitions, in either order, plus the wordplay indicating the combined entry. The number of letters in brackets is the number in each word, not the entry.
There are eleven answers with a common element. The answer is altered by omitting this element and the entry is made in an apt but not always identical way.
In the final grid, solvers should highlight two more thematic entries, both connected with a date in August 2004. The date links two other answers solvers should show the connections by lines or shading.
No bars need to be added. Chambers (2003) is the primary reference. Some answers are abbreviated.
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