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Title A & D
Setter The Tall'n
Series The Listener
Number 3956
Date 17/11/2007
Grid 13×13 barred grid with 180° symmetry, although there are no horizontal bars. Clues are listed under the headings A CLUES and D CLUES.
Preamble Twenty of the A answers, which are all entered normally, are thematic, ten in one way, ten in another. Definitions in clues to eight of one sort are to the entry (given by the wordplay) when linked to the same theme word in each case. Answers to non-overlapping pairs of D clues are to be entered thematically, but not all in the same direction. The entries in each pair have one or two grid letters in common. Solvers must add appropriate numbers for the ten A entries without them, then complete and highlight two unclued entries (four words), which indicate the theme's topicality. Chambers Dictionary (2003) is the primary reference, particularly for one type of A answers.
Solution Notes
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The puzzle marks the Diamond Wedding of the Queen and Prince Philip on 20 November, revealed by the cells to be highlighted (QUEEN'S WEDDING ANNIVERSARY and SIXTIETH, both in a diamond shape of cells). Ten A answers are types of gifts associated with different wedding anniversaries: 1 paper, 3 leather, 6 iron, 7 wool, 11 steel, 12 linen, 13 lace, 20 china, 40 ruby, 50 gold, which are to be numbered with the appropriate number of years. A further ten across entries are words associated with "diamond": hitch, shaped, sparkler, baseball, dust, rivière, dove, Koh-i-noor, Cullinan, beetle, in eight cases defined with the inclusion of "diamond", eg, "baseball diamond" clued by "part of field". D clues are entered in cells forming a diamond in the grid, starting at the numbered cell.
KeywordsQueen Elizabeth Prince Philip 20/11/1947 WEDDING ANNIVERSARY SIXTIETH diamond Kohinoor Cullinan paper leather iron wool steel linen lace china ruby gold 20 November 1947 60th
Acknowledgements Preamble and solution notes © 2020 The Times. Reproduced with permission.
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