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Title Closed Doors
Setter The Tall'n
Series The Listener
Number 3980
Date 03/05/2008
Grid 1313 barred grid with 180 symmetry. The three central squares on the NW-SE diagonal are completely barred off.
Preamble The completed grid represents doors which have been closed for over a year. Notices of what was put on when they were open have been partially obscured. Across clues contain an extra word. The initial letters of these words, in clue order, give an incomplete quotation. This, together with the missing word, should help in finding the notices. After discovering the theme, solvers must resolve fifteen clashes to give the notices (50 letters, eight words), then highlight what was put on just before the doors closed (ten of these letters). Who put it on will appear in the barred-off cells. Chambers Dictionary (2003) is the primary reference.
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