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Title Secret Areas
Setter The Tall'n
Series Magpie
Number Issue 98, no. 4
Date Feb 2011
McGonagall’s Awful Gibberish Produces Intricate Edififices
[Reference to Shoddy Workmanship by Lavatch in Issue 96]
Grid 14×14 barred grid with 180° symmetry.
Preamble After completing the grid, solvers must find and highlight three non-overlapping secret areas. No two areas have the same dimensions and altogether they cover fifty cells. Answers to asterisked clues must be jumbled before entry, with their initial letter in the relevant numbered cell.
With the exception of 34dn, which enters two, each jumbled answer only enters one of the three secret areas. Each area also has an exponent of thematic powers passing through it (one in jumbled form). The areas reveal their secret when a simple conversion of their letters is considered. An appropriately-shaped description of the areas (12, two words) can be traced in the grid going through one and touching the other two areas. Solvers must highlight this using a different colour for its letters.
Finally, there is one letter not present in any of these three areas. It can be found in a fourth secret area (nine cells also to be highlighted), which another person with special powers can be seen entering.
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