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Title Travellers
Setter The Tall'n
Series The Listener
Number 4135
Date 30/04/2011
Grid 1414 barred grid with 180 symmetry.
Preamble Seventeen answers travel (are jumbled) before entry, starting in the numbered cell. The perimeter, read anticlockwise, gives the reason for travelling today (11 words). Its base/right/top/left letters, after travelling, could be read respectively as HOT ROCK 'N' BEER / ON LAWN RISING UP / THAT COURSE GO / WEST AIM THITHER. In the completed grid, solvers must highlight four travellers (22 cells), their two modes of transport (20 cells) and the one whom they are going to meet (8 cells). Also, ten straight lines must be drawn through 22 cells to show an appropriately-shaped four-word description of what each of the four wears. The Chambers Dictionary (2008) is the primary reference.
Solution Notes
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Traditionally on Walpurgis night (30th April) witches travel on male goats and broomsticks to revel with the Devil on the Brocken in the Harz mountains. In this grid, four witches (HECATE, CARLINE, WICCAN and HAG in columns 2, 4, 8 and 10 respectively) wear a witch's hat (described as a "black conical brimmed hat" in Chambers, each to be found in a hat shape above a witch and to have a line drawn through its letters) on male goats and broomsticks (reversed in rows 10 and 12) to carouse with their master (Old Poker, in column 2).
KeywordsWalpurgis night male goats broomsticks Devil Brocken Harz mountains HECATE CARLINE WICCAN HAG black conical brimmed hat Old Poker
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