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Title 2 × 2 = 5?
Setter The Tall'n
Series Magpie
Number Issue 115, no. 4
Date Jul 2012
Metamorphosis’ Anagnorisis: Gregor’s Personhood Is Erased
[Reference to Ifor's The Travelling Salesman Problem in Issue 113]
Grid 13×13 barred grid with 180° symmetry.
Preamble Each clue is really two clues side by side but not overlapping, leading to two answers of the same length for the numbered entries, although answers may appear in either order.
Twelve pairs are thematic in one way or another and their clues have no definitions. Five of these pairs, which also hint at the overall theme, are not entered normally. In the completed grid, after resolving 15 clashes correctly, solvers must highlight four related names (25 cells) appearing in thematic form, and finally a fifth ten-letter name, not confirmed as a possible member of the group until later.
Solution Notes
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After resolving clashes, the following names can be highlighted in a 'double-cross' formation: BURGESS, MACLEAN, PHILBY and BLUNT, the final name being CAIRNCROSS. The five pairs of undefined answers entered in reverse all hinted at 'betrayal' and the remaining undefined answers all defined or exemplified CROSS.
KeywordsBURGESS MACLEAN PHILBY BLUNT CAIRNCROSS double-cross betrayal difficulty-C grade-C
Acknowledgements Preamble and Solution Notes reproduced with permission. © The Magpie 2020.
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