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Title In and Out
Setter The Tall'n
Series Magpie
Number Issue 124, no. 4
Date Apr 2013
Minor Absurdist Generously Permitted In Entry
[Reference to Schadenfreude's Centre Stage in Issue 122]
Grid 1313 barred grid with 180 symmetry.
Preamble Where two entries are clued together they are jointly thematic; one entry is clued, the other must be deduced.
In 27 clues the wordplay differs from the defined entry by one letter. The letters to be added or removed, in clue order, indicate two historical examples of the theme to be found in the grid.
Solvers must correct one word in each example (keeping all entries as real words) and highlight the two examples (45 cells in total), choosing the neatest patterns, and in one case making one letter do double duty.
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