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Title Word Deduction
Setter The Tall'n
Series The Listener
Number 3474
Date 08/08/1998
Grid 1313 barred grid with 180 symmetry. Squares containing 402356073 appear to the right of the central nine rows. squares containing 182821845531= appear below the columns, followed by a square containing 3.
Preamble Down clues consist of one or more definitions of the answer plus a mixture of its letters, beginning or ending with the first or last letter of a word.
Nine of the across answers, those consisting entirely of letters from the title, are to be converted to numbers, using a code in which each of the ten letters converts to a differnt number from 0 to 9. Below the grid are the totals (including carry-overs) of these numbers in each column, and on the right is a "nine-count" in which all multiples of nine are deducted from each row and from the total, in order to check the accuracy of long addition, eg 4321 (nine-count = 1) plus 9876 (nine-count = 3) equals 14197 (nine-count = 4).
Solvers should enter the nine affected across answers in their numerical form in the final grid. Discovery of the code will enable solvers to deduce a theme word; using this, they should complete 50A and highlight the name connected with the theme that is hidden in the grid.
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