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Title Word Deduction
Setter The Tall'n
Series The Listener
Number 3474
Date 08/08/1998
Grid 1313 barred grid with 180 symmetry. Squares containing 402356073 appear to the right of the central nine rows. squares containing 182821845531= appear below the columns, followed by a square containing 3.
Preamble Down clues consist of one or more definitions of the answer plus a mixture of its letters, beginning or ending with the first or last letter of a word.
Nine of the across answers, those consisting entirely of letters from the title, are to be converted to numbers, using a code in which each of the ten letters converts to a differnt number from 0 to 9. Below the grid are the totals (including carry-overs) of these numbers in each column, and on the right is a "nine-count" in which all multiples of nine are deducted from each row and from the total, in order to check the accuracy of long addition, eg 4321 (nine-count = 1) plus 9876 (nine-count = 3) equals 14197 (nine-count = 4).
Solvers should enter the nine affected across answers in their numerical form in the final grid. Discovery of the code will enable solvers to deduce a theme word; using this, they should complete 50A and highlight the name connected with the theme that is hidden in the grid.
Solution Notes
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The puzzle is based on Countdown, the Channel 4 game show in which contestants have to combine the ability to form words froma mixture of letters (as in solving down clues) with mathematical skills (as in solving the code).
The "nine-count" figures become COUNTDOWN when decoded, and the letters immediately before or after the encoded words spell out VORDERMAN (it is Carol Vorderman who arranges the letters and provides mathematical solutions). The final part of the show is the CONUNDRUM (50A).
KeywordsCountdown Channel 4 Carol Vorderman CONUNDRUM
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