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Title Happy Event
Setter The Tall'n
Series The Listener
Number 3540
Date 13/11/1999
Grid Not available; please help if you can.
Preamble Banners and garlands are hung to celebrate the anniversary of an historic event.
Answers along banners overlap, but each letter is clued only once: clues give definitions in order, plus wordplay indications of all the letters along the banner. Banners cross the "keyhole" and include letters in the numbered "peg-holes", whereas garlands do not. Each garland clue is two non-overlapping normal clues to the numbered pair in either order; garlands are hung around the peg-holes, the garlands in each pair being hung in opposite directions.
Three lines of poetry are included because, although written two hundred years earlier, they express in an appropriate language the impact (actual and symbolic) of the event. The subject of the poem and the first two lines are in the clockwise perimeter, starting in the top left square. Unclued garlands 11 and 17 (three words) give the historical context of the event, and the banners A and P can be arranged to announce REDS DEMO UNDID A WIDE FREEZE. Solvers should highlight the next line of the poem and the event itself.
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