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Title Invisible Ink
Setter Sabre
Series The Listener
Number 3325
Date 30/09/1995
Grid 1212 barred grid with 180 symmetry.
Preamble Half the across and half the down lights have normal clues, and their a must be encoded before entry into the diagram (using a code of the simplest type, namely A, B, C, etc being replaced by a permutation of A, B, C, etc, the permutation to be deduced by the solver). The remaining clues have been encoded using the same code, and their answers appear normally in the diagram. However, to cause a little more puzzlement, this latter set of coded clues has been written in invisible ink. (Note: solutions written in invisible ink will not be accepted!) Chambers 93 is recommended, and lists in boldface type the answers to all the invisible ink clues, which are complete words, no abbreviations or part-words).
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