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Title Clashing Pairs
Setter Sabre
Series The Listener
Number 3480
Date 19/09/1998
Grid 1313 barred grid with 180 symmetry. There are an additional thirteen squares both above the columns and to the left of the rows of the diagram.
Preamble The indexing row and column comprise the twenty-six letters of the alphabet, in an order to be deduced by the solver. The indexing column is a word (from a verb, in SOED, listed only as a noun inChambers. Only just over half the diagram cross-checks normally, though every light does have at least one normally checked letter. When a square is discovered to have a clashing pair of letters, the solver will find that the row and cloumn corresponding to the letters of the clashing pair intersect in a square cross-checking normally. This normal letter should be used to replace the clashing pair, for those letters clashing in the first and last rows. In all other rows, choices of clashing letter are made by entering across lights normally. In the completed diagram, a phrase from the ODQ (with which the solver may or may nor agree) appears in the first and last rows. Chambers (1993) is recommended; one answer is an acronym.
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