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Title Three by Three
Setter Sabre
Series The Listener
Number 3045
Date 01/03/1990
Grid There are two 9×9 grids, each divided into nine 3×3 sections. The rows of the left grid (Diagram I), and the columns of the right grid (Diagram II) are labelled 1-9. Rows 2, 5 and 8 of the right diagram are labelled with →s. Clues are listed under the headings Diagram I ACross and Diagram II Down.
Preamble When the two diagrams are complete, the solver will note that the nine component three by three squares of one diagram may be rearranged without internal alteration to form the other diagram. Only the rows of the first diagram and the columns of the second diagram are clued, and in each case the nine-letter light is formed of two words four and five letters long. These, and the respective clues, may occur in either order. Each of the arrowed rows of the second diagram provides additional justilication for the title. Chambers is recommended.
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