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Title Springtime
Setter Sabre
Series The Listener
Number 3057
Date 24/05/1990
Grid 1212 barred grid with 180 symmetry. Beginning with the top left square, every alternate NE-SW diagonal of squares has a line drawn to bisect them.
Preamble ln the divided squares, the lower letter is common to both crossing words; the upper letter belongs to just one (in a few cases to both). Words are entered as usual, left to right, top to bottom, although due to the nature of entry, it may occasionally appear as if adjacent letters of the light have been transposed. The nine three-letter lights are clued separately. The passage contains nine (one-word) definitions; the letters of the redundant words form a jumble of the required lights; these include one abbreviation, one prefix, and one word that may be found in Webster's second edition. Of the clued lights, one proper name and one foreign word are not verifiable in Chambers; 44 may be found in Webster's second edition or the OED. Further, there is one suffix, and one Anglicised plural (sanctioned by Webster). ln the completed diagram, the upper division letters spell out a timely quotation.
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