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Title Merry Mazes
Setter Sabre
Series The Listener
Number 3096
Date 04/05/1991
Grid 1414 barred grid without symmetry. Clues are listed under the headings THREE-LETTER WORDS, ACROSS and DOWN.
Preamble At ten squares in the diagram (never in an unclued light), cross-checking letters do not match. In five cases, one of the crossing pair must fill the square, to be chosen in accord with the general theme of the puzzle. In the remaining five instances, the square has to be filled with a third letter, distinct from the crossing pair. One instance will determine the relevant author, the remaining four instances will ensure arrival at the four unclued lights.
The fifteen three-letter lights are clued solely by definition and consecutive letter mixture in each clue, their position in the diagram to be determined. The twelve four-letter lights are clued by means of definition together with a jumble of the letters added to those of a thematic word (different in each case). Remaining clues are normal. Both 17 and 30D may be found in the OED, but both are deducible from Chambers.
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