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Title King
Setter Rebel
Series The Listener
Number 3947
Date 15/09/2007
Grid 1212 barred grid with 90 symmetry. Clues are listed under the headings GROUND EAST, GROUND SOUTH and CENTRAL REGION.
Preamble The grid is a representation of the title of a novel. North is at the top of the grid. Ground East clues are normal. In other Ground clues (including those in the Central Region) the wordplay indicates the answer with an extra letter that is not entered in the grid. These letters in clue order indicate 25 cells to be highlighted. Remaining clues contain an extra letter to be removed before solving. These letters in clue order spell out a further instruction that resolves any grid entry ambiguity. The Central Region clues are labelled by the level (G, 1, 2, ...), the direction (including U = up and D = down) and the starting cell. Chambers Dictionary (2003) is the primary reference.
Solution Notes
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The grid is a 3-D representation of The Castle by Franz Kafka, with words rising above ground level in the central area, the title alluding to its central character K. Extra letters in wordplay spell out "Author and two other of his novels" (referring to AMERICA, hidden in the top row, and THE TRIAL, hidden in the first column). Extra letters in clues give "Enter the topmost letters", indicating that the final grid is the view from above. FRANZ KAFKA thus appears in the central two rows.
KeywordsAGC Franz Kafka The Castle AMERICA THE TRIAL 3-D
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