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Title Underline and Highlight
Setter Ifor
Series Inquisitor
Number 1433
Date 09/04/2016
Grid 1212 barred grid with 180 symmetry.
Preamble The puzzle depicts something that did not happen today, despite a story to the contrary. All clues contain an extra letter, to be removed before solving; when read in clue order these identify the person in the story. When answers are entered, some cells remain empty (numbers in brackets always give the full length available). Solvers must fill three of these by transferring letters from elsewhere in the grid, leaving their original cells empty; and the remainder by entering letters spelling what the cells they fill represented in the original grid. Modified clues and all stages of the changing grid consist entirely of real words (one an acronym).
Solution Notes
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Grid and changes show the SUN rising to where it can be seen from the western end of the BOX TUNNEL. represented by originally empty cells as a tunnel of boxes through the filled grid. B/RUN/EL (the head of brilliantly managed superior railroad) is popularly thought to have engineered the tunnel so that this occurs at dawn on his birthday (9 April). History however has no record of such a plan, and the date on which it occasionally does happen is not 9 April.
KeywordsBRUNEL BOX TUNNEL sunrise 9 April
Acknowledgements Preamble and solution notes © 2024 the i. Reproduced with permission.
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