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Title One Shot at a Time
Setter Artix
Series The Listener
Number 4211
Date 13/10/2012
Grid 1810 grid with six bars, eighteen circled squares and four clue numbers. The central 32 area is enclosed by dashed lines. Clues are listed under the headings Holes: Par three, Par four, Par five, and Columns.
Preamble The grid represents a golf course: the eighteen greens are shown as circles and the halfway lodge is marked with dashed lines. Each hole either runs straight to its green or is a dogleg having one 90-degree turn. Tees (except 1 and 10) are horizontally or vertically adjacent to the preceding green. No hole runs diagonally and no two share a cell. Tees 1 and 10 and greens 9 and 18 are shown; the locations of the rest must be deduced but need not be marked. In course order, the greens spell out a thematic phrase. Column answers are jumbled on entry. There are 31 cells not covered by hole answers: 25 of them, reading left to right, row by row, offer two pieces of advice to golfers, the first on etiquette and the second on (modern) play. The remaining 6 cells (inside the lodge) must show what was kept in place after the thematic historic event. The Chambers Dictionary (2011) is the primary reference.
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