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Title The Pine Man
Setter The Ace of Hearts
Series Enigmatic Variations
Number 1178
Date 07/06/2015
Grid 1313 barred grid with 90 symmetry.
Preamble One word must be removed from each clue before solving; in clue order, their first and last letters give a set of nine names uniquely connected to THE PINE MAN, whose name (13, two words) must be written beneath the grid. After additional words are removed from clues, the puzzle then becomes letters latent; that is, from the answer to each clue, one letter must be omitted wherever it occurs on entry into the grid. Definitions and numbers in brackets refer to unmutilated answers; wordplay refers to grid entries. In clue order, the omitted letters give further information to help identify THE PINE MAN. Chambers Dictionary (2014) is recommended.
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