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Title Disco Lovers
Setter The Ace of Hearts
Series The Listener
Number 4616
Date 18/07/2020
Grid Circular grid with six rings, bars and clue numbers. The outer four rings have 37 cells, and the inner two have 12. The centre of the grid is captioned Author. The clues are listed under the headings Perimeter & Radials.
Preamble Perimeter entries are clued by wordplay only and form a cryptic representation of the title of a book whose author must be written in the centre; the asterisked cells will contain the consonants of the author's name. Reading clockwise, the third ring from the perimeter gives the lead character and one of their lines from the film adaptation. From each radial answer a letter must be omitted wherever it occurs before entry in the grid; the wordplay in its clue refers to the six-letter residue to be entered. The omitted letters spell out another of the same character's lines. Ten radials are entered outwards from the innermost ring; the rest are entered inwards, 15 of them starting in a non-perimeter ring to be determined and continuing from the outer edge when they reach the inner edge. The Chambers Dictionary (2016) is the primary reference.
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