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Title Clothes-line
Setter The Ace of Hearts
Series The Listener
Number 4669
Date 24/07/2021
Grid Circular barred grid without symmetry. The outer four rings comprise 38 cells, the next two 12 cells. Clues are listed under the headings Perimeter, Ring 3 & Radials.
Preamble The perimeter answers are clued by wordplay only. Reading clockwise, the partially-clued third rinfrom the perimeter consists of a statement attributed to a person whose surname must be highlighted in the grid. From each radial answer a letter must be omitted wherever it occurs before entry in the grid; the wordplay in its clue leads to the six-letter residue to be entered. The omitted letters spell out a definition of a six-letter word. Four radials are entered outwards from the innermost ring; the rest are entered inwards, twenty-one of them starting in a non-perimeter ring to be determined and continuing from the outer edge when they reach the inner edge. The Chambers Dictionary (2016) is the primary reference.
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