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Title Potato Scraps
Setter The Ace of Hearts
Series Enigmatic Variations
Number 1506
Date 26/09/2021
Grid 1312 barred grid with 180 symmetry.
Preamble One letter must be removed from each clue before solving; in clue order, these letters spell out four headwords/subheads (2 two words, 2 one word) in Chambers which have similar meanings. A trickster (six letters, to be highlighted) has implemented the definition of one of these words (which might be cryptically described as POTATO SCRAPS) on the completed grid; solvers must restore the grid to its original state by changing four letters in one entry. All entries in the original and final grid are real words; Chambers Dictionary (2016) is recommended.
Solution Notes
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Extra letters gave Rip-off, bunco, confidence trick, Murphy's game. PAPER was changed to MONEY inside ENVELOPE in line with the definition for MURPHY'S GAME with DODGER being the trickster.
KeywordsMURPHYS GAME Rip-off bunco confidence trick PAPER MONEY ENVELOPE
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