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Title Endurance
Setter Kcit
Series Enigmatic Variations
Number 311
Date 04/10/1998
Grid 11◊13 barred grid with 180į symmetry. There is a space to be completed under the grid.
Preamble In this ENDURANCE TEST, solvers are looking for a four-letter word, which is to be written below the grid. Of the four unclued across answers, three are linked to the word in one way, the remaining one in another way. Five down answers are the first words (minus possessives where relevant) of three-word phrases or titles, of which the second is the four-letter word and the third the word actually clued (two of the titlesóboth playsócan be verified in the Oxford Companion to English Literature under their author's names; the third will be found in a dictionaiy of music). Unchecked letters in these five lights spell RUT UP. The consistent omission of the full form of a cryptic indication will also hint at the word. Lengths in brackets refer to grid entries. Cbamber(1993) is recommended
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