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Title Tunnelling
Setter Kcit
Series Enigmatic Variations
Number 148
Date 20/08/1995
Grid 1313 barred grid with 180 symmetry. There is a space to be completed under the grid. Clues are listed under the headings Tunnel Clues, Across and Down.
Preamble The answers to clues A-I engage in TUNNELLING; that is, the answer begins at one unclued entry, then, part-way through, tunnels under the grid to emerge at another unclued entry. The letters immediately before and after the tunnels (which therefore occur in the body of the tunnelling words), taken in A-I order, spell out a relevant two-word phrase which is to be placed on the line below the grid. Chambers (1993) is recommended, but does not give a number of proper nouns.
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