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Title Forevermoor
Setter Rasputin
Series Inquisitor
Number 1170
Date 26/03/2011
Grid 1313 barred grid with 180 symmetry.
Preamble Corrected letters of misprints in thirty-six clues spell out the key features of a quotation. The full version explains the selection of words defined as beat, boat, navigators, novels and Spenser's willow to be entered at 1dn, 15, 16, 40 and 49. 4/24 and 9/31 give the last two words of the quotation and the relevant author. A cryptic representation of the title of the work and the forename of one of its main characters (13 letters in all) must be highlighted.
Solution Notes
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Corrected letters of misprints in thirty-six clues spell out "The sea changed, the fields changed, the rivers, the villages, and the people changed, yet Edgon remained" from The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy. Hence oceans, leas, streams, manors and nation become CANOE, SALE, MASTERS, ROMANS and ANOINT. CLYM (Clement) Yeobright was THE NATIVE who returned (reversed in the central row).
KeywordsThe sea changed the fields changed the rivers the villages and the people changed yet Edgon remained The Return of the Native Thomas Hardy CLYM Clement Yeobright
Acknowledgements Preamble and solution notes © 2019 The Independent. Reproduced with permission.
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