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Title Obstacle
Setter Chalicea
Series Enigmatic Variations
Number 1176
Date 24/05/2015
Grid 13×13 barred grid with 180° symmetry.
Preamble Solvers must highlight a desired union, the place and the original name of the OBSTACLE that appears in the grid (a total of 37 letters). In nineteen clues, the definition contains a misprint that must be corrected before solving; the correct letters give a hint for solvers. Chambers Dictionary (2014) is recommended.
Solution Notes
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Corrections to misprints give Madwoman in the attic, suggesting BERTHA MASON, the madwoman in the attic THORNFIELD, and obstacle to the union of ROCHESTER AND JANE EYRE.
KeywordsJANE EYRE Charlotte Bronte Brontė Madwoman in the attic BERTHA MASON THORNFIELD ROCHESTER AND JANE EYRE
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