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Title Chatterbox
Setter Rasputin
Series Magpie
Number Issue 115, no. 1
Date Jul 2012
Metamorphosis’ Anagnorisis: Gregor’s Personhood Is Erased
[Reference to Ifor's The Travelling Salesman Problem in Issue 113]
Grid 13×13 eightsome reels grid. Clues are given in a single numbered list.
Preamble Answers, all of eight letters, are to be entered in the squares around their respective numbers, clockwise or anticlockwise, the starting cell to be determined.
In each clue, wordplay leads to the answer plus an extra letter that is not entered in the grid. These letters, in clue order, spell out an instruction that solvers must follow.
The twelve unchecked corner letters could give DISTANT THIEF.
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Acknowledgements Preamble and Solution Notes reproduced with permission. © The Magpie 2020.
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