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Series Number Date Title Setter
Listener313501/02/1992Called to the BarSalamanca
Listener316529/08/1992On the TeamSalamanca
Listener322813/11/1993Magnum Opus: The Name of the RoseSalamanca
Listener327622/10/1994The Plays of the BardSalamanca
Listener333616/12/1995The Plays of the Bard IISalamanca
Listener337514/09/1996The Plays of the Bard IIISalamanca
Listener342209/08/1997The Plays of the Bard IVSalamanca
Listener346827/06/1998The Plays of the Bard VSalamanca
Listener350406/03/1999The Plays of the Bard - VISalamanca
EV39009/04/2000Championship MatchSalamanca
Listener356620/05/2000Plays of the BardSalamanca
EV41929/10/2000My Favourite PoemSalamanca